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Name:  Palaparthi Bannu

 Age: 10


Gender:  Male


Birthday: June 14, 2003    


Study: 5th Standard



Biography: Bannu lives with his parents and has two younger sisters, in the influence of Christianity. They are poor yet happy people. The boy Bannu is handsome. He learns Bible Stories and sings some Christian songs. He is studying 5th class. He is a brilliant child, the only son.  His parents expect that he study and become an Officer, but the family doesn’t have the financial capacity. He eagerly looks forward for one sponsor. It costs $40 every month. Please pray for him and his family. Thank you.


Their chief food is rice, because it is the general crop. They mix the cooked rice with various curries like Dhal, vegetables, lentils, fish, or meat. The atmosphere is good and fresh being rural. They live in a poverty status as they are laborers. Houses are either huts or thatched and floors are dobbed with mud. Please pray for Bannu so that he can find one sponsor. Thank you.


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